Our Impact

For Individual Homeowners

  • Focus on very low-income, especially the most vulnerable: the elderly, disabled & veterans.
  • Restore safe & sanitary living conditions.
  • Improvements are immediate, direct, long-term and significant.
  • Reduce falls and injuries at home.
  • Home Repairs are free.
  • Retain low-income homeownership.
  • Investment protection of their primary financial asset for low-income homeowners: their home.
  • Improved independence & accessibility.
  • Improved security.

In The Community

  • Strengthen communities via partnerships with home owner associations.
  • Retain affordable housing stock. Allowing low-income homeowners to stay at home is the most cost-effective solution.
  • Growing tax revenue base by improving existing housing stock and community development in blighted areas.
  • Reduce uninsured medical expenses associated with unsafe & unsanitary living conditions.
  • Reduce social services associated with poor living conditions. Help prepare children for school.
  • Volunteers are looking for meaningful community service.
  • Sponsors & partners look for effective organizations to deliver needed social services.
  • Community service strengthens our community. It is a demonstration that people and organizations care.

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Rebuilding Together Broward County, Inc.

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