National Rebuilding Day


National Rebuilding Day is the annual signature event of Rebuilding Together, the leading national nonprofit working to preserve affordable homeownership by bringing volunteers and communities together to rehabilitate the homes of low-income homeowners.

Held on the last Saturday in April, National Rebuilding Day is the day when affiliates from all parts of the country plan projects to celebrate the organization’s mission and to bring national attention to the plight of America’s low-income homeowners and the communities in which they live. National Rebuilding Day is the culmination of a year of planning, evaluating, training, organizing, and mobilizing hundreds of thousands of community volunteers. It is embraced by community leaders and national corporate sponsors as a way of bringing immediate impact to America’s communities in a single day.

On National Rebuilding Day volunteers join local affiliate leaders to repair and restore houses and non-profit facilities, revitalizing entire communities and making a lasting impression on the families who are served. For many volunteers, it leaves them with the experiences of helping their neighbors in need, which brings them back year after year.

National Rebuilding Day is rooted at the foundation of Rebuilding Together as part of its rich 20-year history. Today’s Affiliate Network has branched out to enable many affiliates to serve their communities throughout the year. Additionally, from this rich tradition of serving America’s homeowners, Rebuilding Together has grown into a versatile organization with severalnational initiatives that target specific populations and address modern housing challenges.

Over the years, National Rebuilding Day has created the momentum from which Rebuilding Together has grown to the stature it enjoys today as a leading organization in the quest to preserve affordable housing for low-income Americans.

National Rebuilding Day

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