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Since 2003, Rebuilding Together Broward County has been one of over 200 affiliates serving 955 cities and towns across the nation. We strive to preserve and revitalize houses and communities, assuring that low-income homeowners, particularly those who are elderly, disabled and veterans, live in comfort, safety and independence. Our goal is to make a sustainable impact in partnership with communities.

While Rebuilding Together Broward County assists needy home-owners year-round, we also organize our signature event "National Rebuilding Day" typically held on the last Saturday in April. Volunteers, sponsors, private sector, municipal agencies, civic organizations and many others get together to refurbish homes and non-profit facilities in the community. Volunteers give of their time, talents, materials, services and others provide in-kind and financial donations to improve the lives of our neighbors in need.

Home repairs are a means to help improve comfort, safety and independence for low-income homeowners. Repairs and improvements are to be directly beneficial to the homeowner, affordable, manageable and dependent on the resources. Typically, labor and many supplies are donated although we rely on the financial support given by generous individuals, corporations, government funds, foundations, grants, civic and religious organizations. As a non-profit organization, for every dollar we are given, its value is quadrupled to build a better community.

We not only help low-income homeowners, neighborhoods and needy non-profit entities but also endeavor to engage multiple organizations to address a common community need. Rebuilding Together is the catalyst for these projects, not the lone participant.

Activities include:

Carpentry (doors, cabinets, counter-tops, railings, hardware etc.)

Plumbing (sinks, faucets, water and drain lines, flexible shower heads etc).

Electrical (switches, fixtures, outlets etc.)

Aesthetics (minor roof repairs, concrete (stoops, walks, pads etc.), painting, landscaping/clean-up)


Rebuilding Together fills a pressing need in our communities. The rising cost of living and falling social service budgets have left some of our most vulnerable neighbors without the most basic of necessities, a warm, safe, and dry home.

The nation is facing enormous problems, many of which have reached crisis levels. The low-income
homeowners that Rebuilding Together serves are disproportionately affected by these issues. Homeownership is at an all time high, especially among low to mid-income Americans, but the costs of owning and maintaining a home are growing exponentially. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing, leaving low-income citizens with less and less disposable income for home repairs and modifications.

Rebuilding Together focuses on the issues of homeownership, the elderly, the disabled, veterans
, healthcare, and the rising federal deficit. By identifying the challenges associated with these issues we are well placed to face a problem with full understanding and to create real, sustainable solutions for the low-income homeowners we serve.


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Rebuilding Together Broward County, Inc.

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